Software Packages For Web Designing

There are a variety of software packages for web designing available at different prices. Each one has special features and requires special expertise. If you are going to design and maintain a website, it is advisable to use a professional software package such as Dreamweaver or Adobe Golive. Software packages allow you to control some if not all components of the design of a website.

HTML of Hyper Text Markup Language is the principal markup language for web pages. HTML is the basic and core software tool for simple web design. It provides web programming from scratch by applying HTML coding on simple HTML documents. Later on, the web learner can move forward to other editing tools. HTML programming involves formatting of text, use of table and lists, and other information on using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Advance levels of HTML programming include how to make a website of the customer’s choice, familiarization with HTML scripting, and understanding the basics of CSS. This also includes the complex structure of tables, forms and image maps. By using HTML, the web designer can pass input data to functions to check its accuracy and reject unwanted or wrong data input.

Web programming allows web learners to apply techniques of basic scripting like variables, statements, loops, functions and others. The major focus is on program flow, a well-structured program, and web designing using good web techniques and debugging process.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language. It was originally designed to produce dynamic pages for web development. PHP is a powerful tool for making websites and can be used to make a simple web application or a complex web structure. It is usually embedded in HTML. PHP is a server-side language. One very useful application of PHP is in building a shopping cart facility. This facility is very much needed and used in online business transaction involving sales and processing payments. By using PHP, complex tasks can be performed such as maintaining cookies, cryptography, and other security issues relating to e-commerce.

Java is a general-purpose programming language specifically designed to let application developers write programs that will look the same and provide the same features and services regardless of what browser or platform is being used. With Java scripting, your website will look the same to all users.

Cold Fusion is a scripting language that enables web developers to build interactive, exciting and dynamic sites. It provides standard HTML files with database commands and conditional operators plus other high-level formatting functions to build web applications with powerful capabilities.

.NET development introduces the ASP.NET applications using the C# language. This course can be used by website designers, web programmers, IT project managers, web design project analyzers, and many more. A.NET page is officially known as a “web form”. A webform allows the user to enter data that is sent to a server for processing. It can be used to enter credit card data or to order a product.