Virtual Server: Virtual Dedicated Hosting Server

There are several internet hosting services available that would appropriately cater to your web site or company’s needs but what are these types? These main types of web service providers are the virtual private server or a virtual dedicated server, a dedicated server and a colocation center. Knowing these three main types of web servers, what do they have to do with your company or web site business? Numerous advantages would convince you to purchase online but before I go on to the advantages, here are what you need to know about what a dedicated server is and how this web service maintains your web site business and/ or company.

Along with explaining what dedicated server hosts are the following topics that will be explained to you in this article: dedicated hosting server virtual web, a windows virtual dedicated server, and dedicated server web hosting.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting  simply one type of web hosting services that give you exclusive use of a web server for your web site alone. This web hosting service is advisable for web sites that create a considerably large amount of traffic in a day since a dedicated server manages and plans site traffic plus continuously upgrades your web site’s hardware and application. Your web service provider would also continuously monitor your web sites security and surveillance thus keeping you and your clients’ financial and personal information safe and secure.

Another advantage of leasing a dedicated server is having a bandwidth which is unlimited thus even with an increase in site traffic you no longer have to worry about additional fees plus you get to customize and have physical access to your web server’s memory. A dedicated server web host gives you the promise of keeping your web site at the top of the web business chain and the latest hardware and server applications needed on your web site. Dedicated server hosts are indeed something your web site needs despite the price since the advantages outweigh them at best.

Virtual dedicated servers or also known as virtual private servers are another internet hosting service available for your web site. This is commonly used in online multiplayer games. This is done by simply splitting your web server. An example of which is a window virtual dedicated server which is split and each split server runs on their operating system plus can be rebooted independently. This has been a common practice in mainframe computers as well since there has been quite a resurgence in software and technology that makes use of virtualization which explains the surge of dedicated virtual server hosting as well.

Another use and advantage of a virtual dedicated server are that it bridges the gap involving dedicated hosting services or dedicated hosting server virtual web and shared web hosting. This is quite cheaper than leasing a dedicated server. The downside however to leasing a virtual dedicated server is that despite having them run on only one machine, these servers have less storage space on the hard disk, limited processing time and not to mention limited space on an RAM.

Dedicated server hosts offer these simply for an additional of services provided by a dedicated server web host and due to this a lot of dedicated virtual server hosting companies call these web servers as a dynamic dedicated server. Given all the advantages and having explained the topics mentioned above you would lease a dynamic dedicated server of your own.