Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript editor – CodeLobster IDE

In this article, we suggest you to get acquainted with the free editor of web languages – CodeLobster IDE. It is presented on the software market for a long time already, and it wins a lot of fans.

CodeLobster IDE allows you to edit PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript files, it highlights the syntax and gives hints for tags, functions and their parameters. This editor easily deals with those files that contain a mixed content.

If you insert PHP code in your HTML template, then the editor correctly highlights both HTML tags and PHP functions. The same applies to CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript code, which is contained in HTML files.

The program includes auto-completion function, which greatly speeds up the programmer’s work and eliminates the possibility of errors.

CodeLobster IDE provides contextual help on all supported programming languages, it uses the most up to date documentation at this moment, downloading it from official sites. So we can quickly get a description of any HTML tag, CSS attribute, PHP or JavaScript/TypeScript function by pressing the F1 key.

The built-in PHP debugger allows you to execute PHP scripts step by step, sequentially moving through the lines of code. You can assign check points, view the process of the work of loops, and monitor the values of all variables during the execution of the script.

Other useful functions and features of the IDE:

A pair highlighting of parentheses and tags – you will never have to count parentheses or quotation marks, the editor will take care of it.

  • Highlighting of blocks, selection and collapsing of code snippets, bookmarks to facilitate navigation on the edited file, recognition and building of the complete structure of PHP projects – these functions ensure easy work with projects of any scale.
  • Support for 17 user interface languages, among them English, German, Russian, Spanish, French and others.

The program works on the following operation systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian.

The professional version of CodeLobster IDE provides the programmer with even more features.

For example, you have an opportunity to work with projects on a remote server with use of the built-in FTP client. You can edit the selected files, preview the results and then synchronize the changes with the files on the hosting.

In addition, the professional version includes an extensive set of plug-ins:

  • Fully implemented support for JavaScript (and TypeScript) libraries, such as jQuery, Node.js, AngularJS, AngularTS, BackboneJS, EmberJS, VueJS and MeteorJS.
  • A large set of extensions that help to work with PHP frameworks – CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Phalcon, Smarty, Symfony, Twig and Yii plug-ins.
  • Plugins for working with the most popular CMS – Drupal, Joomla, Magento and WordPress.

Also, CodeLobster IDE has special plug-in for Bootstrap.

We can download and install any framework directly from the program without being distracted from the main tasks.

In general, for a year of work, our team had no complaints against the editor. CodeLobster IDE works fast, does not hang and allows us to work even with large PHP projects.

You can download CodeLobster IDE from the original website

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Inside out Shop – a curious spin on the e-commerce formula

Mobile app development in Dubai has seen an upsurge in advancements and developments that no one could have predicted the monumental growth witnessed. With an increase in applications, utilities and other features for customers, inside out shops have been introduced to. An interesting take on fulfilling customer demand, inside out shops really are the beast of the decade. With comfort, convenience, ease and without any hassle customers can use this model to order and buy things that are not available readily. Here is all you need to know about inside out shops and how they will take the e-commerce industry by storm:

1.    What is an inside out shop?

Mobile app development Dubai has seen numerous shops taking their businesses online an this includes hops of all and any kind. There is app for everything. The concept of inside out shops primarily focuses on a model where customers can search for items they need and select a seller that they need it from. The sellers on these shops can add descriptions and names of what they are offering from where customers can choose and add their requirements. Customers can also add pictures of what they want and the sellers can pick up on these orders and either they can suggest goods or provide customers with a customized product.

2.    Why are these models the future?

Although mobile app development Dubai has eased out a lot of problems in the world of e-commerce, it still hasn’t completely eradicated all customers issues. Many a times, people search for something online and it isn’t available. Neither is it there in real shops. So, what to do? Inside out shops are the solution to just this issue. Sellers can register themselves on this model and when a customer puts in a requirement or looks for an order, the seller can look into it and see if they can provide or manufacture the product needed. This enables sellers and buyers to connect at the right marketplace and find what they need.

mobile app development Dubai

3.    How does this model bridge the needed gap for mobile app development Dubai?

Customers hate it when they cannot find the things they are looking for. And so, to cover this gap, inside out shops have enabled buyers to find a seller and sellers to cover their costs more efficiently and take in more orders. This has further enabled them to increase their profits and get their shops noticed by a new target audience. Putting shops on maps benefits customers with higher options and sellers with more customers.

Believe it or not, inside out shops are the future of mobile app development Dubai. They provide everyone involved with ease and convenience. Furthermore, they are more interactive than conventional e-commerce shops-making them a far better option for everyone.

This is why DXB apps has you covered. Start with the development of your inside out shop with us and our team of professional developers! Contact us for more information!

Not known Factual Statements About redmi note 6 pro Made Known

The LG GD880 Mini telephone is a superb instrument for any age group. Teenagers are proud to point out it to their peers as the most recent ‘in’ point. Older men and women take pleasure in having them understanding that they can contact anyone on an immediate notice. Of course, the principal customers are the a variety of active people who will need to make numerous calls every single day, either on enterprise or for different factors. The convenience of its measurement and its loads of outstanding capabilities makes it excellent in its field and really considerably in demand in at this time’s busy world.

redmi note 6 pro

BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a smart telephone for all.

The Symbian-powered Nokia N8 was, undoubtedly, one in all Nokia’s hottest handsets up to now. However, it’s unlikely that the cellphone will ever see a true successor, due to the Finns’ change to Home windows Telephone 7 as the main working system for its high-finish line-up. Can the brand new Nokia Lumia 800 handset ever be as fashionable because the Nokia N8?

HTC Magic is indeed a giant name in cell world and after the feeling of predecessor Google G1, redmi note 6 pro it is hoped that this Android operated cell will hold it on the identical way. This gadget has numerous newly added options adding more to its visible appeal like onscreen keyboard and synchronization choices to call just a few. This handset is a really pocket friendly and slimmer as in comparison with other sensible telephones just lately launched by the main cellular producers.

We definitely suppose it deserves to be Water damage

As I am certain you have all heard by now, the iPhone four is because of be launched on June twenty fourth. After much hype and excitement in the mobile phone business, it is virtually right here.

Windows Phone, as has been effectively-publicised, is definitely to not everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, it’s arguably far more intuitive than Nokia’s ageing Symbian software, offering a vibrant Live Tile interface and deeper social networking integration. Of course, switching from Symbian to WP7 can be a difficult move for a Nokia fan, but we expect they’d soon be received over by the software program’s included Xbox Reside gaming and Microsoft Office smartphone suite.


It has enticing designs and measurements. Greater than luxury, it is certainly a necessity. It can also document VGA video. Before you purchase your android handphone, you want to do some homework. Choose an android handphone in line with your wants and needs. For headphones, you can choose between a wired three.5mm headphone jack or wireless Bluetooth A2DP.

Why No one is Discussing Modern Innovations in Technology And What You Should Do Today

Apple could also be first out of the blocks with its next era technology, but it looks like by the tip of 2010, the cell phone trade could have a race on its fingers. Maintain your ear to the ground for the most recent mobile phone news in what is certain to be an interesting 12 months.

Results in Quick Motion & Engagement.

This superior gadget can do a superb job other than looking beautiful as it delivers pocket Office (Phrase, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and PDF viewer), YouTube client as well as Facebook and Twitter integration. HTC HD7 also carries A-GPS navigator, Bing Maps and digital compass for being there every time you need. Furthermore, this handset can serve awesome velocity while browsing Internet by way of 3G HSDPA/HSUPA and Wi-Fi. Additionally, GPRS and EDGE services can be utilized on it. Compatibility to xHTML and HTML internet contents has added more enchantment to the HTC HD7.

These items of cell phone accessories are vital in keeping your telephone secure and secure. A clip or holster would let you clip the cell phone to belts, purses, pockets, baggage, and so on. Since these things are personalized to suit a particular model unit and brand, make sure that you buy something that’s suitable with your own cellular phone.

How does this handphone advantages me?

Acer being one of many largest producers of Laptops has additionally set a firm begin in the domain of Mobile Telephone manufacturing. It has amalgamated state-of-the-art technology with expertise of its efficient work drive, so as to give you price efficient and sturdy cell gadgets. These products are an entire satisfaction to their users, as they’re designed after attaining a total sense of consumer’s expectations from a handset. The demand of Acer handsets is rising at an unprecedented tempo and more and more individuals as we speak are preferring them for their communication in addition to leisure wants. Its broad range of cellphones embody many handy sets but among them Acer neoTouch F1 which is also called Neo Touch S200 holds its personal significant position.

A redmi note 8 price is understood by numerous names like hand cellphone, mobile phone, cellular phone or just cellular. Presently, you’ll be able to hardly discover anyone who would not know anything about cell phone. Actually, it’s identified to be an electronic gadget that allows two methods communication all throughout the globe with the help of base station that receives and transmit radio waves.


Generally, these plans may be very tricky, and you might really feel trapped. As with most gadgets, when the storage overloads (or too many photographs or information are saved), it causes just a few lags right here and there. Others are found in slim cell phone batteries that present the same energizing juices because the regular ones.

The Popularity of PHP Web Hosting Explained

What is PHP?
PHP is short form of Hypertext Preprocessor, which is a widely used, server-side web programming language that was originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages.

Advantages of PHP
PHP gained a lot of popularity for more than a decade because there are many benefits to go with PHP scripting language.

Firstly, the main advantage of PHP is the ability to interact with MySQL database. MySQL is popular for web applications like Wikipedia and PHP-Nuke and acts as the database component of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) system. PHP is able to interface with it very well. MySQL is used with PHP as back-end tool. Therefore, PHP and MySQL are fantabulous choice for webmasters who are going to automate their web sites.

Secondly, PHP is open source and similarly to most open source software, it is free for both personal and commercial use. In addition to the nature of free of charge, as PHP is a open source language and there are a huge community of open source applications work on it to fix up bugs and other issues. And therefore, when talking about the issue of security, it is much safe when compares with other language. And also various security levels which can be set in the file to defend the system from attacks of users.

Thirdly, PHP is easy to use and runs really fast. Even though you are an inexperienced web developer, you can learn the basics of PHP development and start your development in a very short period of time. PHP is very simple. Even HTML coders can integrate PHP programming straight into their pages. Also, if you are an experienced programmer, you can utilize some of the more advanced features of PHP to maximum your potential. When developing a website, it is really necessary to make sure that visitors will be able to load your website as quickly as possible. With PHP programming, your website will load quickly because there is Apache module normally written in C.

What is PHP web hosting?
As the name suggested, PHP web hosting refers to a type of web hosting service that provide support for PHP programming language. Since there are so many benefits of using PHP programming language, to make sure that you will be allowed to use PHP on your website, you will need to make sure that your web hosting company will offer its customer with the popular feature. Most of the best web hosting companies offer PHP hosting solution as there is a lot of demand for it. When registering a hosting service, it is also necessary to make sure that you will be provided with the latest version of the PHP script. Because with the rapid growth and development, newer version has regularly appearing and each time a new version comes, there might security loophole if you are still using the outdated version.

PHP Web Hosting Cheap and Affordable
When search over the internet for web hosting services, you will find that PHP hosting is much more affordable compared with other type of web hosting solution. The main reason is because PHP, as an open source language, is free. And it usually comes along with the popular database, MySQL, which is also free. Since these technologies are available for the provider to get for free so they will of course lower the hosting fees to their customers.

How to Find Ideal PHP Web Hosting
When you are going to find an ideal PHP web hosting service to build your website for your small business then you need to know the three basic things of web hosting: First, ensure that the service has enough bandwidth to meet your website requirement. Second, there should be enough disk space available for not just your current needs, but also your future development. And third the hosting package should also provide you with sufficient databases for your web site requirements.

Outsourcing Web Design & Redesign Work

Not too long ago being an all encompassing website builder was not only possible, it was pretty common. You could put together a site with just a few scripts and a basic ‘design’ and it was job done. These days, with the explosion of ‘Rich Internet Applications’, the ‘Web 2.0’ movement and the average website vastly increasing in both size and complexity, it is more common to find a large project divided into two; a design project and a programming project. Although the work flow will still include some overlap between areas, this enables each person or each team to concentrate on what they are best at.

Although it is not impossible to be both a great programmer and a great designer, most of us are not so lucky or gifted. Even within the field of web programming, simply trying to keep pace with the rapid evolution of so many different technologies is hard work on its own. Many sites incorporate a mixture of technologies to provide a richer experience for the user, such as Flash, Ajax or Silverlight, interacting with a SQL database via object-oriented PHP or ASP.NET. Design is also a demanding field, with aspects of traditional print design making the move to the web, and with users demanding innovative user interfaces, intuitive navigation and a more vibrant and exciting (not to mention accessible and standards-compliant) world to explore.

When it comes to selecting, cash back is one of the most attractive ones. The biggest reason behind that is its incredible flexibility. Instead of being limited to travel redemptions or merchandise purchases, you’ll have the option to use your cash however you would like. The best cash back credit card for you depends on your spending behavior and earning preferences.

Outsourcing web design and redesign work to a freelancer can free up your time to work on the areas you specialise in and let a design specialist work on his. It can help to alleviate the pressure of a tight deadline and result in you becoming more productive and producing better work for your client. Even if you have both designers and programmers on staff, there may be times when the workload becomes too much to manage as lots of projects arrive at once.

You may find that some freelancers are able to work for extremely competitive rates, so as well as saving you time and stress it can also save you money, and since most freelancer websites utilise some form of review system, it can be really easy to check the reputability of a freelancer you are thinking of hiring. Many freelancers will also have a vast portfolio of work for you to assess before giving them the job, meaning you will know in advance if they can handle your kind of work and how closely their design work matches what you’re looking for to fulfill your client’s brief.

The benefits of outsourcing work don’t stop there. Hiring freelancers can also be a great way to give your company’s portfolio a boost and raise its profile as you take on more challenging projects. If your company has not previously been involved in web design work, a freelancer can be used to take care of the occasional web design request from a client, preventing that client from taking his business elsewhere and helping your company to expand into new areas.

Software Packages For Web Designing

There are a variety of software packages for web designing available at different prices. Each one has special features and requires special expertise. If you are going to design and maintain a website, it is advisable to use a professional software package such as Dreamweaver or Adobe Golive. Software packages allow you to control some if not all components of the design of a website.

HTML of Hyper Text Markup Language is the principal markup language for web pages. HTML is the basic and core software tool for simple web design. It provides web programming from scratch by applying HTML coding on simple HTML documents. Later on, the web learner can move forward to other editing tools. HTML programming involves formatting of text, use of table and lists, and other information on using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Advance levels of HTML programming include how to make a website of the customer’s choice, familiarization with HTML scripting, and understanding the basics of CSS. This also includes the complex structure of tables, forms and image maps. By using HTML, the web designer can pass input data to functions to check its accuracy and reject unwanted or wrong data input.

Web programming allows web learners to apply techniques of basic scripting like variables, statements, loops, functions and others. The major focus is on program flow, a well-structured program, and web designing using good web techniques and debugging process.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language. It was originally designed to produce dynamic pages for web development. PHP is a powerful tool for making websites and can be used to make a simple web application or a complex web structure. It is usually embedded in HTML. PHP is a server-side language. One very useful application of PHP is in building a shopping cart facility. This facility is very much needed and used in online business transaction involving sales and processing payments. By using PHP, complex tasks can be performed such as maintaining cookies, cryptography, and other security issues relating to e-commerce.

Java is a general-purpose programming language specifically designed to let application developers write programs that will look the same and provide the same features and services regardless of what browser or platform is being used. With Java scripting, your website will look the same to all users.

Cold Fusion is a scripting language that enables web developers to build interactive, exciting and dynamic sites. It provides standard HTML files with database commands and conditional operators plus other high-level formatting functions to build web applications with powerful capabilities.

.NET development introduces the ASP.NET applications using the C# language. This course can be used by website designers, web programmers, IT project managers, web design project analyzers, and many more. A.NET page is officially known as a “web form”. A webform allows the user to enter data that is sent to a server for processing. It can be used to enter credit card data or to order a product.